The Most Luxurious Spas In Denver

Denver has a wide range of hotels that comprise of most of the city’s favourite spas. Most individuals looking forwards to enjoying an amazing skin care should get a vehicle by Firefly rent car and drive themselves into some of this hotels. The spa centres in Denver include:

1. The Ritz Carlton Spa

The spa is inspired by the natural beauty in Colorado. It occupies 6800 square feet and has 8 treatment rooms inclusive of hair and nail saloon, VIP couple’s suites and ladies and gentlemen’s facilities which are separate and have relaxation lounges and whirlpools. The most unique experience at Ritz Carlton Spa is the Microbrew massage and the Mile high malt scrub which is a treatment that involves beer infusion.

2. Veda Spa and Saloon at the Hotel Monaco

The spa is popular for its toe treatment which involves an individual indulging in a hydrating spa pedicure. It also provides its clients with a personalized experience where they select their most preferred aroma for their services.

3. Izba Spa

It offers a deeper therapeutic treatment. It’s a five minute drive east of Denver city. It practises a steam bath also known as Russian Banya with effective health treatment methods for diseases such as diabetes and flu prevention. Its offers its services at affordable prices and has better customer services.

4. The Oxford Club Spa and Saloon

It is located in the lower downtown of Denver city. The spa was transformed into a sparkling space with well laid and decorated wood. It provides a wide range of services like herbal steam and a unique facial massage which is accompanied by a manicure and pedicure.

5. Spa Universaire at the Belvedere

It’s located in a building named Belvedere which is an upscale apartment. Most individuals within Denver consider the spa as an ideal location for worldly spa. They have ranked it as the best spa in Denver. The spa is more focused on health and wellness traditions of most of its locals. It offers 22 different types of massage and 72 treatments from all over the world.

6. Spa at the Brown Palace

Brown place is a historic hotel in Denver which has a luxurious spa. The spa has a soothing waterfall formed from a natural artesian well located below the hotel at approximately 750 feet. It has 6 art treatment rooms that which offer a wide range of services including a favourable atmosphere for a romantic spa meal.
There are times you might feel you need to have some alone time. Just get a vehicle and drive in one of the spas in Denver to get a nice massage and memorable experience.

Jane Hanson

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